Design Center

If you are a homeowner on the Outer Banks

Planning to update your personal home or beach vacation rental home, we look forward to helping you in any way we can from simple design changes to an entire interior design package. Whether you need to simply freshen up one room or decorate an entire home, our interior design consultants can help you coordinate your design style, no matter the extent of your budget. We have fabric swatches, furniture, art and accessories available to complement your existing décor and a variety of new trends and styles to completely update your interior furnishings.

We recommend selecting a certain theme or particular inspiration piece as a starting point for good design, mixing textures and colors for a cohesive coastal look. Don’t be afraid to just have fun -You have worked hard for your investment at the beach. Good design is a reflection of your life, balancing personal interests and current trends to create a truly timeless style.

View our portfolio of beach vacation home interior design projects.